Ambulance VSL

Ambulance VSL

Ambulance VSL If you need medical transport to or from home, we provide tailored services. Both VSLs and taxis can offer medical transport on single day journeys as well as between cities nearby.

VSL Ambulance Society is responsible for providing medical transport on prescription, whether that means transport from your doctor or after hospitalisation or other healthcare institutions. Under certain conditions, reimbursement of fees incurred during transport could be available.

As per our policy, we do not offer custom transportation solutions; however, we provide an expedient call and reservation service in order to meet the demands of those responding quickly.

VSL, caller identification and certificate of patient welcome in matters related to medical assistance are integral parts of our development strategy. As part of this endeavour, we have decided to ensure these deportations with VSLs, taxis and ambulances in accordance with regional health authority activity direction lines.

An VSL, or Vehicle Support Levy, generally refers to an advanced vehicule capable of accompanying someone seated outside an urgent care facility on an ambulant journey. It has been custom built and tailored specifically to ensure deportations from one city or multiple nearby cities starting from home all the way until destination point – unlike an ambulance which offers permanent medical support during its entire trip.