Réservation VSL


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Ambulance VSL

VSLs are light hygiene vehicles equipped to transport people whose health conditions require them to use a wheelchair and/or medical assistance services for mobility assistance.

Additionally, an ambulance can transport one or multiple individuals to designated reception sites outside of urgent routes. This service includes transfers between healthcare facilities, consultations medicales et retours home as well as transport of patients until their deathbeds.

Most ambulances are outfitted with television screens and audiovisual processes that can be customized to the individual’s needs (prevention of accidents, sexual interests or security behaviors). Furthermore, cameras installed within certain ambulances allow staff members to document activities being completed by crew members while using these records as evidence either supporting or refuting potential violations during transport.

Ambulances are outfitted with advanced medical monitoring devices designed to deliver first aid quickly, such as suturing or blood circulation management. Their staff consists of at least two qualified individuals – the driver being one.

As an assistant ambulance driver, you must obtain a prefectural certificate of aptitude to operate a VSL following a medical exam. Epreuves tend to be shorter and selection criteria less stringent than for DEAs; nevertheless, preparation of VSL driving skills continues under local standards.