Réservation VSL


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Ambulance VSL à votre service pour les déplacements médicaux et l’hébergement des patients

Ambulance VSL stands ready to serve as your medical transportation and patient accommodation partner in Charente (16), Angouleme and Ruffec with 4 VSL ambulances in good condition to meet any urgent transport or patient arrival requests from you and our skilled medical coordinators.

VSL and taxi conventional are highly sought-after methods of healthcare transportation, both domestically and regionally, for primary level movements from home to hospital as well as transfers among hospitals. Unfortunately, unlike an ambulance which is designed specifically to respond quickly in emergency situations, a VSL cannot always meet this expectation.

As the pandemic progresses, emergency calls requiring an ambulance response have skyrocketed. To ease emergency department congestion, several measures have been put into effect to try and relieve it; prehospital units staffed by experienced paramedics have been created which conduct more in-depth evaluation of patients before consulting with hospital doctors to see whether they can be released at the scene following their treatment.

However, VSLs and taxi conventionnes are often seen as inadequate transportation due to the high level of intervention required to run them effectively and multiple stops that must be made along the way. We will explore some reasons for this criticism in this article.