Ambulance VSL – Accès rapide aux soins médicaux

Ambulance VSL

VSL ambulance provides swift access to essential healthcare until reaching a hospital or other health centre, with its team of professionals including an ambulance driver possessing a DEA (Diplome d’Etat d’Ambulance).

Taxis and VSL are two private modes of transport designed to facilitate easy mobility for those with reduced mobility or in medical emergency. Like an ambulance, both options adhere to specific prescription for transport as well as comply with security and comfort directives in place.

A VSL ambulance and traditional ambulance are used primarily to respond to urgent situations, such as accidents or births. Their signature features are their white carrosseries with adhesive crosses of life on them.

An ambulance team should include qualified individuals, at minimum including at least one DEA-accredited ambulancier. Passengers only gain access to continuous medical monitoring during emergency transports.

Transport by ambulance car does not offer emergency service; your doctor has taken into consideration which mode of transport he or she recommends, and we provide both efficient and effective transport to any hospital of your choosing.