Ambulance VSL – Conditions d’acceptance

Ambulance VSL

L’ambulance VSL, conventional taxi and the Vehicule Sanitaire Leger are three modes of transport designed to assist individuals requiring bed rest support due to illness or injury. Each service offers different terms for accepting orders; therefore there can be significant variation when considering which vehicle would best meet a given need for transport.

Transport sanitaire, according to CPAM standards, encompasses everything related to providing permanent medical aid during travel or transferring between healthcare locations. A procedure must be established that allows health facilities to contact transport sanitaire companies and evaluate demand before sending appropriate transport to its final destination.

At times of urgency, VSL ambulances are reserved for people who could benefit from ongoing medical assistance during their trip. Recognizable by its distinctive white carrosserie with blue croix design, these cars can transport up to three people seated.

Ambulance VSL represents an intermediate category within health-care transport companies that fulfills the recommendations of patient physicians regarding acceptance conditions for travel. You can request to be transported in an appropriate vehicle – be it a wheelchair accessible vehicle, emergency response vehicle or ambulance licensed by the Ministry of Public Security; each one must also respond promptly to requests made for transport from health-care transport societies as well as be capable of providing forms to complete a transport request form.