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Ambulance VSL, Taxi Conventionne CPAM et Vehicule Sanitaire Legers

Ambulance VSL, Conventionnel Taxi CPAM and Vehicule Sanitaire Legers are three modes of medical transportation capable of accommodating those who need additional care and attention, including the sick or injured who require caregiving. Alliance Transport Service in Wittelsheim near Staffelfelden, Bollweiler and Pulversheim can explain their differences as medical transportation solutions.

L’ambulance, taxi conventionne CPAM and Vehicules Sanitaire Legers (VSL) are vehicles equipped with medical materials for emergency use. VSL and taxi conventionne CPAM (commonly referred to as « taxis conventionnels ») are often utilized for non-urgent depositions between healthcare establishments or during an urgent visit as well as functional reeducation and readaptation procedures.

VSLs and taxis conventional are also frequently utilized to provide transport for elderly or handicapped passengers who require either a flat surface for resting, or easy access to transport mechanisms. All transport provided through VSL or conventional taxi CPAM is fully compensated by Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie.

Typically, the differences between taxis, ambulances and Vehicule Sanitaire Legers (VSL) become apparent when someone needs urgent medical assistance; however, this distinction is not mandatory and buyers and physicians can decide on an appropriate mode of transport for each individual involved.