Ambulance VSL – Transport A domicile Et En Transit

Ambulance VSL

Ambulance VSLs, light sanitaire vehicles and conventional taxis can all help ensure a smooth journey from or to a healthcare centre. But it is important to remember that their services and conditions of employment differ.

At Proxi Ambulance & VSL, we specialize in home and transit transport. To this end, we boast an expansive fleet of ambulance and VSL vehicles and employ highly-skilled staff – you will benefit from quality, prompt service. With us on board, Proxi Ambulance & VSL ensures only high standards are delivered through their network!

Why take advantage of our residential and transit transport?

If your physician has prescribed that an ambulance be taken care of on your behalf, we will assist until you arrive home from your trip homeward.

When attending medical conferences organized by other organizations or being admitted into care institutions (hospital, dialysis centers, imaging facilities etc), when suffering from serious medical conditions or pregnant, or experiencing symptoms which worsen despite national care agreements being put in place – taking part is necessary and you will need assistance from another source.

Your choice between an ambulance, VSL ambulance and conventional taxi depends entirely on your specific requirements and preferences. To find out more, visit your healthcare transporter center’s website for further details.