Ambulance VSL – Transport médicalisé à votre disposition en journée ou en nuit

Are You Needing Medical Transportation Between Your Residence and an Hospital, Clinic or Care Centre? Lentoo offers medical chauffeurs who are prepared to accompany your trips – VSL (Vehicule Sanitaire Leger). Day or Night.

Legally speaking, light medical vehicles should only be utilized by passengers who do not require treatment on their journey and who do not risk developing pathologies during transport. However, in emergency cases where it would benefit passengers to use an ambulance instead, an ambulance should always be used on return trips.

As a rule, VSL ambulances are equipped with portable oxygen and an emergency physician team who provide rapid access to medical assistance prior to being transferred into the appropriate housing structure. Furthermore, this team may take necessary emergency steps such as preempting an infection’s spread or stopping bleeding episodes in time.

Contrary to what many may believe, the conventional CPAM taxi is not necessarily designed as a means of medical transport but has still received the blessing from Caisse Primaire d’Assurance-Maladie (CPAM) of its respective region. Instead, this variant of VSL stands out by having a white carrosserie decorated with six blue crosses on six branches and four side doors adorned with the company logo emblazoned across it.

Certain JUSSIEU centers provide this form of accommodation: an accessible car is provided for people with reduced mobility or patients diagnosed with benign pathologies; additionally a medical transport navette must be available to facilitate movement between locations.