Ambulance VSL – Transport Sanitaire Assisté

Ambulance VSL

Transport sanitaire VSL or Taxis with Security Liberee (taxis assises), is an innovative transportation model designed specifically to serve older or less mobile people as well as patients whose pathology falls within benign parameters. This vehicle type has become particularly popular throughout Geneva and Terres Saintes since being implemented on 1 April 2003 with nineteen IAS/CRS ambulances organized into six groups of three available 24/7 across both cantons of intervention.

Ambulanciers used for this type of journeys help reduce significantly the costs associated with healthcare transport and advanced medicine services, while contributing to better structuring their offering of health transport services thereby broadening and improving access to care. Bicyclers play an integral part of this network.

Clients appreciate the comfort and safety provided by our ambulanciers, and they desire that we accompany them when traveling towards medical appointments. Since ambulanciarism is not mandatory when presenting medical prescriptions, just call 105 at any time – 24 hours/7 days/year!

Why add a security-free taxi to your fleet of transports? This transition helps bicaphalous businesses establish themselves as specialist providers of assisted travel within the healthcare chain.