Réservation VSL


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Double Activite de Taxi Conventionne et de Transport Sanitaire en VSL

Experience will assist in providing more efficient VSL transport structures and operations to reduce patients’ waiting periods at healthcare establishments, and optimize VSL services so as to meet Ministere de la sante’s goal of decreasing waiting delays while being adequately prepared for opening of new services in other facilities.

Notably, an institution of healthcare may require additional transportation options besides VSL in order to satisfy patients’ demand for accessing health services. Companies offering both taxi and VSL health transport should request preapprobation for their VSL AMS before exceeding its temporary authorization amount.

Taxis and VSLs are two vehicles with distinct but complementary roles in providing transport. Understanding their respective advantages and drawbacks is key to selecting a mode that meets your transportation needs most appropriately, particularly for medically related journeys. Gaining an in-depth knowledge of each provides clarity about its pros and cons while simultaneously guaranteeing medical transport services.