Taxi VSL et l’assurance maladie

Taxi VSL

Taxi VSL’s Experiments on Transport Aided by Drivers help lower healthcare insurance expenses in this industry by encouraging patient transportation in vehicles suitable for reaching their accommodation service faster. It will also increase VSL chauffeur activity by replacing conventional taxis. Furthermore, its aim is also to optimize transport structures and arrangements so as to reduce waiting delays at entry and exit points of hospital centres.

Experiments approved by arrete have been underway since September 2021. 40 voluntary taxi companies signed up to participate in the process for impacting taxi vehicles insured with disability in four distinct regions – Grand East, Paca, Occitanie and Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Sanitary Legers (VSLs) are vehicles specifically tailored for wheelchair transport. Conceived to maximize mobility, these VSLs provide ample room, comfort and safety measures for every passenger while adhering to strict hygiene and security guidelines.

Insurance reimbursement of client vehicles used for wheelchair transportation offers some interesting differences with conventional taxi fares. No prescription from your doctor must be obtained prior to booking the seated taxi; all documents necessary will be provided to its chauffeur upon ordering it.