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Taxi VSL et Taxi Conventionne

Taxi VSL

Recognizable by its white carrosserie and adhesive of a cross of life on its exterior, the VSL stands out from ambulances by not only being available during urgent situations but also offering only first aid supplies.

VSL taxis and conventional taxis operate similarly to other taxis, providing passengers with safe rides to their desired destinations such as farms or medical care establishments, with transportation fees taken care of by their local Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie. All three meet high hygiene, security, and comfort standards.

It is strongly advised that if you require medical transport, consult with your physician first before opting for either a vehicle for assisted living (VSL) or taxi conventionally. When hiring either of these options, an insignia of compliance should appear on the interior front bumper to indicate its compliance with CPAM standards.

Concerning road mileage, we calculated an annual average for inspections conducted by an officer from a surveillance authority. Inspection intervals shorter than 15 days have been excluded as this would likely reflect that an inspector put down his vehicle and reinspected it within this short timeframe – something which does not accurately represent everyday movements.