Taxi VSL – Projet de conversion de taxis à l’intérieur des champs d’opérations d’infection

To ensure reversibility and avoid artificially increasing transport availability, the VSL replacement company must establish eligibility conditions such as providing enough ambulance assistants or access medical assistance agencies to service its fleet of taxis in its operation field. A decision favorable decision has since been adopted.

The primary goal of the operation is to reduce wait times for patients entering or leaving hospitals, so additional tools will be put into place for accompanying transports with medical assistance until such vehicles can be put at the patients’ service.

Transport by medical aid vehicle (VSL) costs have steadily increased from 2003 to 2017, reaching 4,6 billion euros – an increase from 2.3 to 4.67 billion euros respectively.

Studies conducted by health insurers estimate that VSL prices are approximately 15-35% less expensive than taxi fares, prompting experimentation by Taxi VSL in order to help evolve healthcare and support transport systems. This transition will help better organize biphasic business activities while strengthening their services to aid medical assistance while increasing access to care.