Taxi VSL – Transport médical Long Distance

Taxi VSL was created to meet the demands of patients and physicians for long distance medical transportation services. Thanks to its multiple service stations in Valence, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes et Bourgogne Franche-Comte; Taxi Sante Lyon(r) can meet the needs of metropolitan area hospitals (e.g. CHUs), radiotherapy centres, cell therapy units, dialysis clinics or specialty care cabinets etc.).

She also receives numerous private requests for transport assistance, with budget allocated by health insurers to pay emergency relocation fees increasing twofold between 2003 and 2017; yet the costs associated with assisted emergency transports haven’t yet been fully integrated into business activities of double activity firms.

CPAM taxis (Vehicule Sanitaire Legers) and regular CPAM taxis are two effective strategies to transport patients in an emergency situation. While an ambulance is generally reserved for use as medical transportation, VSL and regular CPAM taxis both provide private transport. A VSL is usually identified by its white berline bearing the blue Cross of Life on its four side doors; these vehicles must meet stringent hygiene regulations to be taken seriously as medical transport vehicles. They can accommodate up to three people onboard for medical monitoring throughout their journey.