Réservation VSL


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Taxi VSL – Transports Assistés

VSL, CPAM taxi and emergency cars are popular choices of transportation for assisted travel, providing more tailored mobility to individual needs as well as having enough room to transport three people simultaneously in each car.

However, your choice between these two vehicle options ultimately lies with your doctor and their prescription of medical transportation. Such transport must be provided either through a CPAM taxi or VSL as the latter are covered directly by Caisse d’assurance maladie reimbursement policies.

So as to enable all biphasic enterprises to identify their health transport services offerings, society participants will ensure a suitable financial support is offered within the private sector before proceeding with modifications of conventional taxi fleets in VSL. This transition should facilitate consolidation of healthcare transport services across their territory and help encourage them to become integrated parts of the healthcare ecosystem. Enterprises chosen to take part in an experiment are extremely cautious to ensure that converting conventional cars into VSL vehicles doesn’t disrupt the structure and/or deplacment patterns on their territory. Studies conducted by health insurers estimate that the cost-efficiency of transitioning to VSL should be measured as of the second semester 2023, when comparing declared VSL+taxi rates against those registered starting April 1, 2022.