Taxi VSL – Une nouvelle catégorie d’activités médicales

Taxi VSL

VSL medical transport assisting transports are one way of helping reduce healthcare insurance premiums when meeting people who require adequate healthcare. Furthermore, this initiative gives VSL drivers access to new activities within medical space where safety and comfort for passengers is of vital importance.

Taxis VSLs are vehicles typically employed when transporting those in need of medical support. Not intended for urgent movements, but more for everyday transportation between hospitals to treat an illness or arrange doctor’s visits, Taxi VSLs provide transportation for people requiring assistance in moving them around.

Vehicles used as taxis must be fitted with an identification system on board, such as VSL logo. You can recognize them easily with their distinctive yellow color for regular taxis and silver for VSL cars.

The difference between VSL taxis and conventional ones lies in their capacity to serve customers simultaneously, as their operating range does not permit more than three passengers at once while demand transportation capacity for conventional ones is capped at two.