Réservation VSL


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Taxi VSL

Taxi VSL’s unique service enables you to manage transports for adults attending medical appointments as well as children attending schools. Book your wheelchair accessible car instantly!

The VSL, with its white carrosette and red security marking (Croix de vie), is intended solely for medical use and should only be utilized if deemed suitable by a doctor as replacement for one of two forms of accommodation (bed or couch). However, other than medical usage it may also be utilized for other transport needs like greeting guests arriving or transport to accommodations, even though conventional taxi services might suffice in certain circumstances.

Cars sanitaires legers tend to be better equipped than regular taxis in terms of emergency supplies and medical equipment on board. In order to be employed as official taxi VSL services, one must first have been certified by the caisse primaire d’assurance-maladie (CPAM), fulfilling certain conditions of operation and complying with their respective terms of practice.

At the start of this current project, there has been no change to the number of VSL vehicles serving reduced mobility services. Instead, inspection programs were modified to increase regularity; specifically in regards to inspection intervals less than 15 days apart for vehicles less than 15 feet high. Any interval exceeding 15 days should be seen as potentially dangerous; longer periods indicate lack of security requirements and should be removed from service immediately. Frequent overpassements were reduced with shorter inspection intervals of 1,000 miles daily to minimize disruption caused by abrupt stops and starts.