Réservation VSL


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Ambulance VSL et taxi Conventionne CPAM

L’ambulance VSL is designed for transporting individuals who cannot sit upright during trips. It can be identified by its white carrosserie bearing the signet of a blue cross with six branches; additionally, this vehicle must come equipped with first aid accessories.

Stereotaxis was recommended in 2003 to provide limited mobility or disabled individuals with maximum comfort during transportation. Installed at the front of an ambulance instead of replacing its door mechanism with mechanical opening, the stereotaxe ensures greater blood circulation within its vehicle and ensures greater security and control over blood circulation within it.

Comparatively, the regular taxi CPAM, commonly referred to as an « environmentally friendly vehicle », is another form of green transport. Having gained approval from Caisse primaire d’Assurance maladie as an environmentally-friendly transportation option.

CPAM taxis are equipped with first aid medical materials, yet still maintain the ability to offer regular, private, and business journeys. What sets them apart from other modes of private and professional transport is their capacity for carrying up to three patients at the same time in an seated position.

As with any medical transport, whether by ambulance, VSL or regular taxi, all medical transport must first obtain a transport prescription from their physician and then fully reimbursed by health insurance.