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Taxi VSL et Taxi Conventionnel

Taxi VSL

L’ambulance, VSLs and taxis are all healthcare transportation vehicles that play an integral part of caregiving services. Their costs are included as part of health-insurance premiums. Both types of vehicules offer similar services and operate across various regions; taking a quick glance at this list allows a swift distinction between both modes.

VSL and taxi services provide patients with transportation between their care providers and an establishment in an accommodative fashion, thus meeting individual patient needs such as low mobility without permanent medical assistance and those aging with handicap who require surveillance from a physician and transport in an accommodative capacity.

An assisted transport services provide patient assistance from initial treatment establishment and before their departure for the hospital to leaving and returning home afterwards.

Experimentation in Maladie-Assurance was conducted by 45 bicipital companies chosen to participate. According to this calculation, VSL trips helped shorten visits by decreasing visit duration, number of transports required and length of stay between care establishment and patient home.