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Differences Between VSL and CPAM Taxis

VSL transport vehicles (or « vehicles designed for transporting ») provide transportation for individuals with reduced mobility or age who can sit seated for long journeys. Their distinctive look includes rigid white carrosseries adorned with an aqua frontal panel and 6-branched blue cross as an indicator of professional taxi services in healthcare facilities.

Taxis conventionale CPAM and VSL offer professional transport with assisted services, yet differ significantly between themselves. Understanding these distinctions is necessary for selecting a mode of transport suitable to meet your needs and expectations for assistance on your trip.

CPAM taxis provide both simple and seated transport services and can transport up to three patients simultaneously, unlike VSL which has an upper limit for maximum passenger capacity of 3 people depending on model. In order to be licensed as a CPAM driver, training in emergency healthcare must have been obtained prior to operating such taxis.

Anxiety among taxi companies was intensified following a statement made by the Health Minister regarding implementation of legislation reducing trips taken via car-share or taxi axe with higher fares for older and disabled populations to access information more appropriately. Unfortunately, government authorities failed to acknowledge their need for dialogue and an accompanying measure with transportation specialists and support measures for them.