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Ambulance – Transport terrestre des malades

Transport of Patients on Land Between Hopitaux, Clinics, and All Other Structures of Healthcare is provided through three categories of vehicles – taxi conventionnels, Vehicules Sanitaires Legers (VSL), and Ambulances (Amb). The choice between these modes depends primarily on what a doctor evaluates as your needs as an evaluation for VSL or taxi conventionnels depends on. Aside from reimbursement by Primary Cancer Affair Maladie Insurance Plans (CPAMs).

Consideration should be given to whether an ambulance is essential in urgent situations; specifically when medical help or professionals holding an Ambulance State Diploma are present. While women or two-member Ambulance teams provide temporary assistance during transit, their presence alone does not ensure full medical assistance during its entirety.

So, the initial response to service requests is often handled by traditional taxis. They’re often used for interhospital patient transport as well as wheelchair assistance transports. On these occasions, VSL vehicles that specialize in wheelchair transfers may also be deployed – an apt solution when transporting patients in assisted positions.