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Taxi VSL

Taxi VSL

VSL and taxi conventionalnel are modes of transport designed specifically to transport patients in an seated position, unlike an ambulance. VSLs and conventional taxis can be distinguished from each other by their white carroserie and use of Croix de vie stickers – unlike ambulances they also feature adhesive strips which adhere directly onto their surface. When selecting this form of transportation from a healthcare professional for medical transport purposes it may include covering their transportation fees in full.

However, neither VSL or regular CPAM taxi use guarantees the payment of travel fees by Caisse primaire d’assurance-maladie. Transport operators therefore need to obtain a reimbursement card to take advantage of intermediary payment of fees as well as perform calculations similar to an attorney.

Transport insurance provided through an intermediary by Societe d’assurance-maladie extends its protection for this category of transportation services. Typically, expenses incurred with taxi cab or VSL services are included in your bank bill as per regulations set by Societe. Nonetheless, in cases of inadequate instruction provided to individuals receiving suitable transport services may request payment directly to both themselves and to employees responsible.