Réservation VSL


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Ambulance VSL – Transports d’Urgency

Medical transport options available from an insurance provider include an ambulance, conventional taxi and VSL services. Each type is used under different circumstances and conditions. An ambulance is a motorized vehicle dedicated solely to transporting people whose state of health requires observation by qualified personnel during long or semi-assisted journeys and includes an oxygen administration equipment as needed.

VSL and regular taxi services, distinguished by white carrosseries with yellow trim and six blue-and-yellow branches on them respectively, are two effective means for transporting non-emergency patients without requiring immediate surveillance. Both require medical authorization to transport from an MD.

At Ambulance VSL, our state-licensed staff of paramedics is in place to serve the medical needs of patients. This team has been installed near a fleet of newly purchased vehicles fully-equipped for patient comfort, responding round the clock and seven days a week across numerous cities in our region. Every member of this crew received training according to social security law in order to provide maximum patient comfort and dignity during transportation emergencies. In addition, Ambulance VSL also provides health rapatriement/coverage during emergency transports/transports from/into medical facilities/clinics etc.