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Taxi VSL Vs Taxi Conventionne

An experience on board VSL taxi is always top-of-the-line. Their courteous drivers offer personalized transportation tailored to meet the individual’s specific needs; so that appointments, meetings, treatments or exams can be quickly and comfortably attended to.

At our core lies security. In order to meet that end we always select only the finest specialists to accompany our guests. Reservations and payments are protected while no direct communication with those responsible is necessary in order to access services provided.

Taxis and VSLs are two types of emergency vehicles designed to respond in case of displaceement, but their criteria of use vary drastically. A VSL must first receive approval from CPAM before being equipped with a mobility assistance device (MAD).

To operate as a conventional taxi, an agreement with the Agency Regionale de Sante (ARS) is not mandatory, however they must sign a convention agreement and implement a transport assist mechanism as well as meet certain practice conditions.

VSL and taxi conventionnel transportation is similar to using an ambulance, with all associated transport costs covered by health insurance. Here we present an article which compares them side by side.