Réservation VSL


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Ambulance VSL et Ambulance Conventionnel

L’ambulance and taxi are two means of medical transportation frequently utilized for primary patient placement or transfer among hospitals. VSL vehicles, in particular, are ideal for transporting individuals with reduced mobility as well as those capable of sitting for prolonged trips – they’re easily identifiable with their white carrosserie and red Croix de vie banner. Contrary to emergency transports such as an ambulance service, this category doesn’t provide urgent transports but instead medical deportments if your condition and circumstances allow.

Dynamic and proactive methods are available to prevent inefficient utilization of all available cars to respond to an increased demand for transportation services. Such strategies focus on recycling vehicles used to transport patients; reuse vehicles after use for patient transport purposes again as an example; as well as prevent additional vehicles being deployed as responses each time someone needs replacing in medical transport services.

By aligning themselves on the principle of convergence between ambulance and VSL services, realignments aimed at narrowing the distances have contributed to decreasing the quantity of automobiles necessary to respond quickly to an urgent or emergent need or situation. Establishing pricing tables between various car categories allowed fewer cars to be provided at once while still reaching sufficient efficiency levels in use.