Réservation VSL


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Taxi VSL et Taxi Conventionne

VSL and conventional taxi services fall within the category of professional transport aid for transporting reduced mobility persons or patients in beds, such as an ambulance. They allow patients to travel safely between healthcare establishments and destination points where their employer provides essential first aid care as well as companion assistance during their journey.

Aspiring taxi conventionne drivers do not require approval from the Agency Regionale de Sante Sante (ARS), but must possess an adaptable vehicle that adheres to certain operating requirements and conditions of use. A typical conventionne taxi may be distinguished by its blue marque Taxi Conventionnels de Organismes D’Assurance Maladie >> attached on its rear right window as well as by an imprinted logo Assurance Maladie on its interior panel.

Taxi rides conducted following a medical prescription issued by your physician are fully covered by Caisse primaire d’assurance-maladie (CPAM), with only an administrative fare being payable as part of their benefit package. With this plan, only an administrative fare must be paid; any further payments would only incur an administrative surcharge fee of 35% of total fare payable for conventional taxi travel under CPAM policies. It’s vitally important that before proceeding with registration to rate registration that all necessary evidence be presented prior to in order to receive prompt and correct billing invoice from CPAM immediately upon invoicing them!